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Snow and ice

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

Winter weather in Michigan brings ice, snow and wind.  Protecting your home from the elements can save you thousands of dollars.  Ice, snow, and wind can cause weak trees or branches to break free and damage your home or car, or even injure someone walking by your property. We at SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield strongly encourage you to repair any steps or handrails.  Broken stairs and banisters can become lethal when covered with snow and ice.  We would also advise to use caulking to seal any cracks and wall openings in home to prevent cold air and moisture from entering your home.  Caulk and install weather stripping around windows and doors to prevent warm air from leaking out and cold air from blowing in.  Lastly, call to have your heating system serviced today.  Furnaces, boilers, and chimneys should be serviced minimally once a year.

Wintertime blues

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield has more tips to protect your home from the winter elements here in Michigan.  We encourage your to increase your home's energy efficiency and protect it against damage caused by rain, snow and freezing temperatures.  

  • Arrange for a home energy audit- Professionals can help uncover any issues or problems in home before cold weather sets in
  • Feel for under-door drafts- Replace weather stripping beneath door 
  • Seal around windows
  • Add insulation in unheated basements, attics and around exposed pipes located close to exterior walls
  • Update your appliances to increase home energy efficiency
  • Install programmable thermostat and keep temperature no lower than 65 degrees
  • Install a flow-based water leak detection system to shut down water system in an emergency
  • Lower your water heater temperature
  • Consider installing a backup generator 
  • Clean gutters regularly

Commercial business weather plan

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial businesses also need to prepare for the harsh Michigan weather and SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield has recommendations to ensure you are prepared for a weather emergency.

  1. Create an emergency preparedness plan and review with employees
  2. Keep on top of communication with customers and employees
  3. Be sure that essential data is backed up
  4. Stay informed about local conditions
  5. Invest in a generator for emergency back up power
  6. Stock up on essentials such as water, first-aid kit, flashlights and batteries

Planning and being prepared is the best defense to keep bad weather from disrupting your business.  Call SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield at 248-344-0044 if you need help, we can help restore emergency power and minimize damages in any emergency.

Commercial fire damage

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield knows fire damage can be devastating to a business and can be caused by many things such as faulty wires or even human error.  We have listed the steps taken to mitigate a fire loss at a commercial building.  

  • Board-up any windows, doors, or openings in business destroyed by fire to keep building safe from elements, looters, and critters
  • Dry out materials caused by water damage from firefighters and weather
  • Deodorization and emergency pre-cleaning to clean soot damage
  • Contents inventory to address damaged items 
  • Dry cleaning and garment restoration
  • Contents cleaning and restoration of structure
  • Restoration repairs
  • Communication and photographic evidence submitted to insurance company

If you have suffered a fire loss at your commercial building, call SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield at 248-344-0044, we are here to help!

Why choose SERVPRO

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

If you are dealing with water, mold, fire or smoke damage to your home or business, figuring out the next steps can be stressful and overwhelming.  Call a reputable company you can trust at SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield.  Why SERVPRO?

  • Available 24/7 with a quick response time.  Time is essential to mitigate damages from becoming worse or becoming secondary damages
  • IICRC certified technicians with ongoing training
  • State of the art restoration equipment
  • Disaster Recovery Teams and additional resources provided by other SERVPRO franchises during storm events
  • Easier Insurance claim process is coordinated for a quicker, easier experience
  • Restore vs Replace Mentality to restore your property using specialized techniques
  • Reconstruction repairs are offered for a seamless process

Call SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield today at 248-344-0044

Wintertime tips!

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Winter time is here in Michigan!  From experience we all know this brings snow, ice and cold temperatures.  SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield want to share some helpful tips to protect your home from the brutal Michigan weather.

  • Review your homeowners insurance coverage and understand what your policy covers
  • Clean gutters and use gutter guards 
  • Direct water away from home to protect foundation
  • Remove dead tree branches 
  • Insulate exposed plumbing pipes
  • Let faucets drip if weather gets extremely cold
  • Install emergency pressure release valve
  • Keep cabinet doors open so the pipes under the sink are exposed to warmer weather
  • Make any necessary roof repairs
  • Insulate attic
  • Purchase and use roof rake
  • Keep tarps handy
  • Always keep heat on while you are away
  • Purchase a generator
  • Move furniture away from heat sources
  • Keep fireplace clean
  • Install a sump pump
  • Upgrade to storm windows
  • Raise appliances off floor
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Keep fire extinguisher handy

SERVPRO tips to prevent water damage

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

Living in Michigan has taught us damaging storms can occur at anytime throughout the year and SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield has tips to prepare your home to minimize potential damages. 

1) Create an emergency kit for your home that includes flashlight and extra batteries, first aid kit, three gallons of water per person, three day supply of non-perishable food, extra clothes and blankets, pet supplies and prescribed medications

2) Winterize home by insulating walls, attics and basements as wells as insulating pipes that run through walls

3) Be informed where water valves are located in home for emergency shut off

4) Clean gutters to prevent ice dams from forming

5) Clear storm drains around curb to enable water to drain

6) Plan a back up heating source

7) Install battery operated CO detectors near sleeping areas 

SERVPRO has extensive experience with storm situations, call SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield today at 248-344-0044 

Restoration Process

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

A water, fire, smoke, or mold loss can be an extremely stressful event and SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield is here to help from start to finish and can be reached at 248-344-0044.  Our franchise offers reconstruction services as well as water, fire, smoke, mold, and cleaning services therefore you conveniently only need to make one call to complete your restoration process. 

SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield offers years of mitigation experience and employees hold IICRC certifications which they must maintain with continuous training and education.  We also offer full reconstruction services and can complete the repairs from the mitigation process ensuring our customer's satisfaction in dealing with just one company for the entire repair process.  Call SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South and Bloomfield today to get your restoration process started at 248-344-0044

Stormy weather

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Severe damage from most storms is covered under home and business insurance policies, but the specifics vary. The amount you are responsible for paying depends on your premiums and deductibles, the age and structure of the building, the extent of your damage, property values in your neighborhood and much more.  Call SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South at 248-344-0044 to inspect any storm damage on your home.  We have listed the different common damage scenarios that can happen below.

  • Winter storm damage

Includes snow, ice and freezing rain storms

  • Hail damage

We do see hail sometimes in Michigan.  These storms are most common between May and September. Hail pellets are usually between .2 inches and 1.75 inches in size, but can be much bigger

  • Lightning and thunderstorm damage

Lightning storms can occur anywhere in the U.S., and they bring the threat of fires and severe structural damage

  • Storm-related flood damage and tidal surges

Flooding presents a serious risk to your home and your safety. Different types of floods come with different risks. River floods and flash floods are common when snow melts and have been known to completely overwhelm structures. Coastal floods and storm surges are even more dangerous, and usually lead to evacuation warnings. These can destroy homes entirely, so it’s best to listen to weather reports and plan ahead. Debris flows, which are often made up of heavy mud and plant material, can crush houses and sweep them away.

  • High winds, tornadoes and hurricanes

High winds can occur virtually anywhere, and thousands of tornadoes and hurricanes hit the U.S. every year.

Storm damage upkeep

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Novi/Commerce South is here to help!  Storm season is coming and we are here to give you some helpful tips.  When it comes to storm damage, basic upkeep goes a long way. And while you can’t control the weather, you can still protect your home and family.  Year-to-year, the severity and frequency of bad weather is anyone’s guess. But, inevitably, a lot of homeowners end up dealing with property damage as a result of storms.  The most common type of property damage we see is roof and siding damage following heavy winds and/or hail.  And while you can’t control the weather, there’s still a lot you can do to protect your home and your family listed below.

  • Replace missing or damaged shingles
  • Repair loose siding
  • Keep your gutters clean
  • Ensure water can flow away from your home
  • Keep your sump pump in working order
  • Ensure proper sealing of doors and windows
  • Check for loose fence posts
  • Regularly trim your trees
  • Do walk throughs around your property
  • Keep a generator on hand